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ProQuest delivers a powerful online experience...

The ProQuest® online information service is known and respected by publishers as the market leading online research tool used in colleges, universities, libraries, and schools worldwide. What sets ProQuest apart is its patented search technology combined with our editorial team, who categorize and summarize each article, giving users highly relevant results. Your organization may be among the numerous publishers already using ProQuest as a means of reaching today's learners within these educational settings.

Extend the value of your brand with ProQuest Archiver™
ProQuest Archiver manages and hosts all or part of your archive so that your customers can easily find the information they need.

ProQuest Archiver puts your entire publication on your own website: past and current issues, complete with full text and graphics. We take care of everything you need to create a custom archive; you don't have to worry about hardware, software, development, or maintenance. Our award-winning ProQuest search engine seamlessly integrates into your existing Web interface, so the customer sees only your website. And, should you want to put your digital content to work for you, your readers will be able to purchase articles online with little effort on your part.

By combining 60 years of our experience in working with publishers with our expertise in search and retrieval, your archive is a success story waiting to happen. Our team of experts can deliver an online publishing solution to meet all your needs and requirements. When time to market is critical, you'll be impressed at how quickly and affordably we can mobilize your content online. Your customers will have an experience that will meet their needs and motivate them to come back to your site time and again.

What You'll Enjoy What Your Customers Will Enjoy
New sources of revenue Ease of use
Online brand extension Speedy delivery of results
Dedicated customer support Relevancy of articles retrieved
Flexible e-commerce models Reliable access, 24x7
Billing and transaction processing Search multiple issues simultaneously
Detailed usage tracking Keyword searching
Data conversion Time-saving article summaries
Hosting, upgrades, and maintenance Availability of article graphics online
Cost savings for you
Minimal development on your end